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Local Movers

MoveThatStuff is based here so we are local movers Tulsa. There are many local moving companies in Tulsa that are based in other states and even some from other countries. However MoveThatStuff is based and operates from Tulsa OK. So if you're search for movers started with local movers near me then rest assured you are in the right place. For a professional mover service check out our local services below.

Move Everything

MoveThatStuff can help you move your furniture and boxes. As part of the service we pad and wrap your furniture and appliances. Disassembly and reassembly of furniture is included.

Move The Big Stuff

Some customers want to handle the small stuff like wall decorations and boxes and hire us to move just the heavier furniture and appliance items.

Move Just A Few Things

Control your move budget by having us move a specific list of items.

Loading and Unloading

If you are moving long distance but only need local movers to assist with loading or unloading your rental trucks, this is a local service we provide in the Tulsa area. We can also provide this service for temporary storage of items in onsite containers such as PODS.

In Home Moves

For those times when you need to rearrange items or completely remodel your home, our local moving services can help you with these projects with an easy 1 hour minimum. Call for more information.

Local Movers

For moves under 50 miles originating or ending near Tulsa Oklahoma.
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Long Distance Moving Companies

MoveThatStuff are door to door long distance movers. In other words we load your items on our trucks, and delivery them directly to your new location. There are no other customers sharing space during your long distance move. If you need to hire cross country moving companies, below is a list of interstate moving services we provide.

In State Moves

We move door to door, meaning you won’t share a truck with other customers, and delivery time is determined by the drive time to your destination.

Interstate Moves

If you areĀ  needing cross country movers, we currently provide multi truck moving services to Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana, and single truck moving services to other states. We are your number one choice for out of state movers.

Load Only Services

If you are moving long distance using your own transportation, we can provide labor only services to help you load or unload your rental trucks or POD type containers.

Long Distance Moving

Moving services for customers moving away from Tulsa or out of state.
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Office Movers

If you are looking for commercial movers to move your office look no further than MoveThatStuff. For brief info on our office moving company see the info below or for more detailed information on our office relocation services, click the more info button on the right.

Small To Large Office Moving Services

From as small as a single office relocation move to a 200+ office relocation project, our services cover all types of commercial moves.

Flexible Move Times

Move your office when it matches your down time, in the evenings or the weekends to minimalize the impact of moving on our daily operations.

Free On Site Estimates

Our owner will personally manage and oversee all commercial office estimates and services. Call today for a quote or fill out our quote form to get started.

Commercial Movers

Need to hire office movers? MoveThatStuff is one of Tulsa's better commercial moving companies.
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Moving and Packing

MoveThatStuff offers moving and packing services. We can provide the materials and boxes needed to pack your home.

Partial Pack

Name only the items we need to pack and for this service we can bring the materials and pack on the same day of your move.

Room Pack

Need help with the more difficult rooms like kitchens, dining rooms and garages. We can pack just the rooms you need help with.

Full Pack

Sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

Packing And Moving

We provide full service moving options including our packing service.
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Delivery & Pickup

We can deliver the materials you need for your move and pick up unused materials on move day for a refund of any unused products.

Commercial Quality Boxes

Our materials are moving quality boxes, which means they are stronger than the typical hardware or grocery store boxes, providing better protection for your stuff.

We design, build and support websites and apps for clients

Customize the framework to match your small business processes using simple drag-and-drop.
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Overnight Storage

We can store your items on our trucks overnight for times when you need a quick turnaround.

Short Term Storage

From a couple of days to several months, we can store your items while you look for a new house or wait for your new home to be built.

Moving And Storage Companies

We can provide storage as part of your moving service. Our warehouse is heated in the winter to protect your items.
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